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The ballroom was first built in July 1976 by St. George parishioners. Its mission was in fundraising and to participate in building St. George Church. In 1985, a second hall was added to the Ballroom building. The Ballroom was incorporated in April of 2002 and rented the building from St. George Church. The ballroom building sits on fifteen acres of land surrounded by high trees and greeneries.
The Ballroom was totally renovated in 2020 under the current management. The Phoenician Event Center holds banquets, weddings, and all corporate and social events.
We, at the Phoenician Event Center, continue to serve and cater towards the San Antonio Era for all types of social events and to bring good memories to the San Antonio families and community.

Our Team




Joseph has been part of the Phoenician team for over 5 years. He is a man of many hats, being our venue director and our team leader. Joseph is calm but yet very dynamic. His goal is to always raise the bar and take the business to a new level. He enjoys working in challenging environments and creating new ideas. His main hobby is reading books.




Kimberly has been part of the Phoenician team for over 12 years. She is our event director, the one who will help you plan your event, from start to finish. Kimberly is sweet, honest, and has a big heart. When she is not at the venue, Kimberly enjoys watching soccer & movies and loves jigsaw puzzles.




Katia has been part of the Phoenician team for over 10 years. Aside from being our fun and caring event coordinator, she is also a full-time lead dental assistant. She is joyful, outgoing, and loves helping others. When she is not working, she loves to sing or watch soccer. Katia also has a passion for makeup and fashion.




Alejandro has been part of the Phoenician team for over 4 years. Aside from being an amazing assistant event coordinator, he is also a full-time natural gas foreman. He is hardworking, outgoing, funny, and makes friends easily. For fun, Alejandro plays soccer and volleyball, as well as watches movies.




Edwin has been part of the Phoenician team for over 3 years. When it comes to setup, audio, projectors, and lighting, he is our guy. He is timid but friendly. When Edwin is not at the venue, he enjoys playing soccer, volleyball, and working out.



Maurilio has been part of the Phoenician team for 14 years. With 20 years of experience, Maurilio believes cooking for others is a labor of passion, as he prepares happiness in the form of good food. He says his secret ingredient is always putting love into what he cooks. Maurilio is creative, funny, kind, and passionate about what he does. In his free time, he enjoys catching some sun, sitting on the beach with his wife, listening to music, traveling, and eating some good food along the way. 





Ruben has been part of the Phoenician team for over 12 years. He is a full-time hospitality coordinator at a graduate school for theological studies. Ruben is well experienced at the bar, enjoys what he does, and has a passion for making people smile. Ruben’s hobbies include bike riding and BBQ with family.




Trinity has been part of the Phoenician team for over 8 years. Aside from being a bartender for over 14 years, she is also a full time quality assurance manager. You will always catch Trinity behind the bar with a smile on her face. She loves uplifting and helping others. Trinity’s hobbies include cooking and traveling.

Juan Carlos



Juan Carlos has been part of the Phoenician team for over 15 years. Do we need solutions? Juan Carlos is the man. He is the Phoenician’s handyman and the one who takes care of everything that goes on in the back of the house. Juan Carlos has a fun personality and loves helping others. He enjoys playing and watching soccer, traveling with his wife, and shopping.

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